by zachyg

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yo, zeezy season approachin
fuck what? fuck whatever y’all been smokin
take a hit of my shit and quit, straight chokin
your shit like old dick: not potent

so get the fuck up outta here
i aint playing I’m just saying
we don’t really want you near
if you really think you special
better look up at mirror
hit the road jack
cause zac aint havin it this year

this year im goin hard like a damn beast
why you think im gettin fat?
cuz i never miss a feast
quit for a bit
but cant stop, ill never cease
when i die, raid my harddrive
for my unreleased
(for real though)

thats just really how it goes
in a year best believe ill be fuckin with the pros
yeah you prolly think im jokin but mafucka i know
in a year everybody gon be fuckin with my prose

on steroids for the flows
got the hook up, homie
call me ZACHYC
errrybody wanna do it
but aint errrybody know
bitch i got in my blood
whatchu even trying for though?

your best option to quit
ya girl heard me spit
now she wants to hit
shit, she prolly tired of ya dick
prolly never even got it, homie
did you even stick?

flow so outrageous
flow so sick i might be contagious
flow so "he know he gon be famous"
private school drop out
im advantageous

i should prolly just stop now
so much better that yall call me a cop-out
i wrote the book on hooks
bring the mop out
cuz unlike cali,
when i rhyme theres no drought


released June 20, 2014
production/recording/mixing/mastering by zachyg



all rights reserved


zachyg Salinas, California

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